Covid-19: Two symptoms you should assume is the virus and not the common cold as winter kicks in

10 月 18, 2022World News

There are some telltale signs that you could in fact have Covid-19 rather than the common cold with one expert on the virus warning people to keep an eye out for two symptoms.

Now that we’re almost heading into winter, the nights are getting darker and of course, much colder.

However at this time of year whilst we can predict the winter weather, we can also predict that the number of those with the common cold are going to rise.

But there are some symptoms that you should keep an eye out for and if you have them, assume it’s not the common cold, but in fact Covid.

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The warning comes as a leading Covid expert has told people to assume they have coronavirus if they have two “telltale” symptoms.

Professor Tim Spector, founder of the Covid Zoe app, said that feeling tired – or fatigue – in the morning even after a good night’s sleep may be a symptom of the virus.

A sore throat could also be a sign you’re infected with with the expert adding that these symptom are more common in someone with Covid-19 than the common cold.

It comes as scientists are worried there will be an autumn wave of Covid with cases having risen during the month of September. Experts are particularly concerned about the spread of the flu virus this winter, as fewer people have built up the necessary immunity to the disease after a few years of socialising less due to the pandemic.

Prof Spector said that if you wake up with these two symptoms in the morning, you should assume you’ve contracted Covid, according to the Independent.

“There are twice as many Covid cases as common colds currently,” he tweeted. “The ratio has never been so high. Symptoms much the same except generally more fatigue and sore throat – so best to assume it’s Covid! Hopefully, this wave will be over soon.”

Professor Spector added: “Try to get tested if you can. If you can’t get tested, assume you’ve got a cold and stay away from other people until you feel better.”

In July, he said: “New study suggests that new BA4 and BA5 variants work by both evading the existing immune defences and also neutralising some of them. No surprise they are so successful as UK cases soar to record levels.”

It comes as Nicola Sturgeon has said winter within the NHS in Scotland is “likely to be extremely difficult”.

She said: “We don’t know what will happen in terms of Covid circulation but should prepare for that to be challenging, similarly with flu.

“One of the key messages to people is: please, if you’re eligible, to make sure you get your Covid and flu vaccinations.”

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