Product Features

Nano composite coating

Anti-virus protection liquid characteristics (non-alcohol, neutral and non-toxic)

  1. Feature:
    Anti-virus, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, deodorization, removal of formaldehyde, anti-fouling, self-cleaning and easy cleaning, removal of TVOC in the environment
  2. unique:
    Environmentally friendly materials for high-performance surface treatment
  3. unique:
    The performance of high-performance surface treatment of environmental protection material film stroke:
    High temperature resistance (below 500OC), scrubbing resistance, high hardness

Application product introduction

Material characteristics


  • Product surface has Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal,In addition to formaldehyde, TVOC function
  • UNIQUE-Nano material approved by the Ministry of Green Building Material Mark
  • Nanomaterial approved by Singapore Greem Label
  • Passed the US FDA medical and environmental disinfectant


  • Passed skin and oral non-toxic test
  • Using new nanocompositematerial created
  • Long-lasting strong anti-bacterial anti-viral coating onto surfaces to protect against spread of disease and infection to make the environment a safer place.

Characteristic description

  • Main ingredients:titanium dioxide(Titanium Oxide)and nano silver composite materials
  • Crystal structure:Anatase(Anatase)has extremely strong decomposition ability,amd high free radical saturation.
  • Peoduct advantage:with long-lasting characteristics,also has antibacterial function in a dark environment.

  1. Core key technologies
  2. Nano Synthesis
  3. Crystallization Control
  4. Nano Dispersion
  5. Applications
  6. Surface Modifivation
  7. Material Analysis

Product advantages


Prevention of cross-infection in indoor spaces

with long-lasting properties

Antibacterial function in light or no light environment

Comprehensive anti-bacterial, anti-viral


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