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Q:Why the “KILLING VIRUS” filter is more expensive than the commercially available filter?


Because our filter is a mask cloth, which is lighter, thinner, more breathable, longer-lasting and harmless to human contact, and the surface coating adopts high-tech Nano-special coatings. The particle size and spacing of the coating technology are Density and air permeability have strict standards to pass SGS antibacterial 99.9%. It is also the only one on the market to pass ISO anti-virus 99.9% super antivirus effect. The cost is relatively high. In order to reduce the cost of infected medicine, it is very worthwhile.

Q:There are many products on the market that are labeled with “bacteriostatic” and “antibacterial” effects. What is the difference between “bacteriostatic” and “antivirus”?


Microbes are divided into bacteria and viruses. The particle size of bacteria is about 250 nanometers, while the particle size of viruses is about 50 nanometers or less, so they can be antibacterial, but they cannot resist viruses, and cause human infections, most of them are “viruses”, and the words “anti” and “suppression” mean elimination, blocking, and inhibition of reproduction. “KILLING VIRUS” is the most powerful “direct killing” of the above three. It can be seen that, only bacteriostatic is not enough, the best protection is to kill bacteria and viruses.

Q:Children in the family often catch colds, illnesses, and allergies. The resistance of the elderly is also relatively weak. Will it be improved with “KILLING VIRUS”?


of course it will improve. 90% of our lives are spent in indoor spaces. Children, students, and office workers are brought home because of prolonged “group life” contact with viruses and bacteria on skin, clothing, and hair, and then spread to There are countless allergens, bacteria, viruses, etc. in the air, all of which are the main causes of “group infection.”

Q:A new flu vaccine is given every year to prevent the virus from mutating, so that the old vaccine has no immunity to the newly mutated virus, so should “KILLING VIRUS” be replaced every year?


Because “KILLING VIRUS” is a “contact kill”, it tears the cell membrane of the bacteria or the protein membrane of the virus, causing it to die, which means that it is decisive outside the body, instead of waiting for the virus to enter the human body, the gene sequence of the vaccine is produced The method of culling antibodies, so no matter how fast the bacteria or viruses mutate, the virus-free filter will “kill nothing” outside the body.

Q:My home, factory and office all have installation “KILLING VIRUS”. How often do I need to change the filters?


In addition to the kitchen where the filter should be replaced within 1.5 months, the other space can be replaced with a new filter for up to 6 months. The factory also recommends replacing the filter within 1.5 months because of many pollution sources. As for the office, it can be replaced in 3 months. Consumers should check the new filter by themselves. If too much dust accumulates on the surface of the filter, “KILLING VIRUS” will not be exposed to microorganisms and will have the best anti-virus efficiency. should be replace the new filter immediately.

Q:Our public places have regular disinfection every day, do we still need to use “KILLING VIRUS”?


Bacteria and viruses multiply once every 25 minutes. If the carrier enters the place, they will spread the virus in the air, in the droplets, and in the circulating air conditioner. Therefore, the “KILLING VIRUS” is used at any time to save money, Long-lasting and fast air disinfection is the greatest protection for consumers.

Q: Can the “KILLING VIRUS” be used repeatedly after washing?


The surface layer of “KILLING VIRUS” is coated with high-tech paint. Its particle size, spacing, density, etc. have strict requirements to achieve 99.9% antivirus effect. After washing and rubbing, it will destroy the surface coating structure and reduce antivirus effect.

Q:Can the “KILLING VIRUS” remove chemicals such as Formaldehyde?


Although the “KILLING VIRUS” can also filter out some of the PM2.5 and chemical substances, but it is not the strong point of the “KILLING VIRUS”.

Q:I heard that HEPA filter is the most effective, is it true?


medical grade HEPA filter is the most expensive on the market, and it has more filtering materials, but it still cannot kill bacteria and viruses, because the smaller the holes of the filter, or the more layers of filters can filter more However, it will also affect the rate of air circulation and increase the work load of the compressor. For example, flat masks have 3 layers, and N95 masks will not breathe smoothly. Therefore, HEPA filters are not used in all places. “KILLING VIRUS” is cheap, has a good value, and is easy to install. It is the best antivirus protection for ordinary households and business places.

Q:I usually wear a mask to prevent infection when I go out. but I can’t wear a mask when I go home to sleep, take a bath or eat. How can I protect my family?


The less the amount of virus in the air, the less you will be infected, so we recommend “wear a mask when you go home, and go home with “KILLING VIRUS”, “mask that can be seen, filter that cannot be seen”, internal and external protection, to protect your family is to protect yourself.

Q:Our office building is air-conditioned by the central air conditioner, can we also install a KILLING VIRUS?


Except for a few window-type air-conditioners, most of the air-conditioning is indoor air circulation. The effect of installing a KILLING VIRUS can reach the colorless, odorless, harmless antivirus effect.

Q:Our teaching hospitals, classrooms, and affiliated nursing centers are the places with the most bacteria and viruses, and the most in need to anti-virus. Which department is most effective to install?


KILLING VIRUS can be installed in medical institutions (especially operating rooms, negative pressure isolation wards, neonatal rooms, diagnosis and treatment rooms and crowd gathering spaces), long-term care institutions, kindergartens, schools, restaurants, conference rooms, KTV, Office buildings, public transportation, shopping malls, gyms… etc. indoor gathering places and epidemic prevention hotels.

Q:Which machines can the KILLING VIRUS be installed on? How to install How to install in the best way?


Central air conditioners, split air conditioners, window air conditioners, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and car air filters can all have long-term anti-virus effects, as long as you cut 50% to 70% of the original filter, Upgrade the “anti-virus air conditioner” in 2 minutes, so that consumers can get in or out of the air with KILLING VIRUS.

Q:There are many ways to disinfect indoors, which one is the most harmless and most effective?


Alcohol, ultraviolet rays, ozone, hypochlorous acid water, etc. can kill the virus in a short time and chemically, but all of them own dangers. Only the KILLING VIRUS can achieve long-term, harmless, and physical disinfection effects. See the comparison chart for details. This product has been insured with a product liability insurance of 10 million NT.


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