How to detect the number of colonies

12 月 24, 2020Experiment and Video

  1. The colony count detector used by our company is Hygiena-ATP (biological luminescence instrument), which is the same instrument used by major domestic hospitals and government agencies
  2. For the actual measurement of the number of colonies, the operation is in accordance with the method of using the instrument and the regulations
  3. If the customer needs the company can cooperate with the measurement operation <the cost must be borne>

The HYGIENA-systemSURE Plus bio-cold light ceremony uses the latest bio-cold assessment analysis technology to provide users with a convenient, simple and correct detection tool to smoothly complete the quality control inspections for surface cleanliness stipulated in HACCP and food hygiene management regulations. Claim.

This instrument includes two main structures: (1) ATP bioluminescence analyzer and (2) disposable special detection test tube

Detection principle

Using the patented fluorescent enzyme detection reagent, the ATP adenosine triphosphate is oxidized and replaced with AMP adenosine monophosphate, and accompanied by the generation of extremely low heat energy or luminescence.

When there are more surviving cells in the substance, the stronger the luminescence signal produced by the reaction period, and the number of surviving cells is proportional to the light intensity, and the number of surviving cells is proportional to the light intensity, so we can use this correspondence quantity Measure the total number of living organisms in the target sample


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