Wearing a mask is not enough to isolate the virus. This original technology cannot be ignored

1 月 11, 2021Taiwan News

The new crown pneumonia epidemic is spreading, and the focus of the whole people is on masks, group infections and epidemic prevention hotels. However, many people do not know that ordinary cotton cloth and activated carbon masks cannot filter germs. When the flu and allergies peak again, can wearing a mask really avoid breathing these viruses?

Although many people know that outdoor air pollution can threaten their health, many people ignore the poor indoor air quality. There are more air pollution particles in the ambient air that are much larger than bacteria and coronaviruses. As the air flows into our room, it is absorbed by our lungs, skin, and blood, causing the death rate of various chronic diseases to soar year by year, which has a greater impact on people who stay indoors for a long time.

At present, the filtration technology of various air purifiers on the market seems to be hundreds of different, but the air purifier can really be used for one thing, whether it can filter out the tiny new crown pneumonia virus and others, such as mold, dust mites, Are smoke, dust, pollen… and other allergens invisible in the air?

The filter is the core element of the air purifier. The general filter used in the commercially available purifier only isolates dust and bacteria, and cannot really sterilize and eliminate viruses. In addition, during the filtration process, bacteria will stick and continue to breed.

Taiyun Environmental Technology has invested many years in the research and development of patented nanotechnology coatings, and recently published various test reports on the official website. This additional air filter technology can achieve long-term, non-toxic, odorless, colorless, and physical killing. Viruses smaller than bacteria can deeply purify the air quality, which can effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses in the room and reduce the risk of group infection.

The “disease-free” air filter achieves all-round barrier and high protection for real and thorough purification. The product has not only passed the international ISO 18184 verification of anti-virus effect of more than 99%, antibacterial test has passed Taiwan SGS and other 5 certifications 99.7% of the effect, but also has the characteristics of good breathability and harmless human contact. Such a powerful anti-epidemic filter can be used in many areas! For example, central air-conditioning equipment, air-conditioning and heating machines, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, car air filters, etc. Applicable places include: hospitals, kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, offices, bars, nightclubs…Any airtight air-conditioned rooms can breathe low-bacterial air at ease, and comprehensively check the health of people’s homes. At present, the evaluation area of ​​the Yangming District of Taipei Municipal Hospital has taken the lead in fully using the “disease-free air filter”. Taiyun Environmental Science will continue to provide air quality “one-stop” products and services to break the barriers of epidemic prevention as its corporate mission .

Indoor air quality has deteriorated, and there are PM2.5 problems outdoors. Now with the new crown pneumonia, we will pay huge health costs for unclean air. In addition, we must recognize that air pollution and viruses are no borders, and we must work together to improve effective technologies for purification and epidemic prevention at all levels! Taiyun Environmental Protection’s “disease-free” air filter is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-virus, anti-mold, deodorizing, in addition to formaldehyde, anti-pollution, self-cleaning and easy to clean, except for TVOC in the environment, with a simple and neat design appearance and efficient air Purification power allows the whole family to embrace a safe and healthy home life. It also creates a new healthy and friendly life for the people with extreme purification and heart service, creating a key brand value.




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