Covid Omicron symptoms vs hay fever – key differences from temperature to eye blisters

6 月 24, 2022World News

The UK’s leading scientists have warned of a next wave of Covid-19 infections as cases have begun to spike recently.

Due to two more Omicron variants, figures showed a drastic rise in Covid infections increasing by 43% following the Jubilee celebrations.

This spike in Covid infections coincides with a “pollen bomb” taking place across the UK with the Met Office warning of high pollen levels.

Many people have reported suffering from itchy eyes and runny nose and may be uncertain if their new symptoms could be down to simple hay fever or a spot of Covid.

What are the key differences to spot?

Difference between Covid and hay fever

Symptoms of Covid and hay fever

Fatigue is a symptom present in both COVID-19 and hay fever 


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Coughing, sneezing and runny nose are both symptoms of coronavirus and hay fever, the latter affecting millions of people annually.

The overlap means they can be mistaken for each other, according to experts.

Marc Donovan, chief pharmacist at Boots, released a statement back in April detailing how to tell the difference between Covid and hay fever.


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