Coronavirus: Case rates in Devon and Cornwall

3 月 25, 2021World News

Here are the latest rates of cases of Covid-19 in Devon and Cornwall.

The figures are the number of coronavirus cases per 100,000 people in the seven days up to and including 20 March, with the week before shown in brackets for comparison.

The breakdown of the figures by local authority area is:

  • Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly – 16.4 (up from 15.9)
  • Plymouth – 38.5 (up from 30.9)
  • Exeter – 18.3 (down from 20.5)
  • Mid Devon – 21.9 (down from 25.5)
  • East Devon – 30.8 (down from 45.1)
  • Torbay – 27.2 (down from 20.5)
  • Teignbridge – 8.9 (down from 16.4)
  • South Hams – 4.6 (down from 6.9)
  • West Devon – 10.8 (up from 5.4)
  • North Devon – 5.1 (down from 11.3)
  • Torridge – 11.7 (up from 4.4)

For comparison, the figure for England is 55.3.

For a more detailed look at coronavirus where you live, use the BBC’s postcode checker:

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