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5 月 31, 2021About TCET

Taiwan Could Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. ( TCET )

has been dedicated in high tech nano synthesis coating applicable product development, with its head office located in Taichung, which is in central part of Taiwan.  In view of the pandemic spreading beginning this year, we truly felt the fear in everyone’s daily life is required something in protection to fight with the invisible threat to ensure our bright future.  Killing Virus product series can really protect each one in the globe from home to public area from avoiding microorganism propagation, with effective assurance rate in a non-toxic high technology.

If you are also looking for a VISIBLE PROTECTION, welcome for partnership to improve the AIR SAFETY from now on !

How can TCET protect and save YOU from microorganism spreading??

Do you fear the invisible microorganism or bacteria infection?

To meet the new challenges of viral or microorganism enemy , we all need to know how to protect ourselves including our family and children, especially in medical care centers, schools, restaurants, offices, gyms, elevators,…etc.  Besides facial masks, the most important is to keep social distance.

TCET provides series of VISIBLE PROTECTION products, with high-tech nano synthesis coating which owned patents in most of countries worldwide, can really protect us and our families.  Whatever you are normal consumer or enterprises, you all need our products as a required daily use.  Any virus or bacteria might be a cause for pandemic, whatever it is COVID-19 or not, we all need to take careful steps to keep our AIR SAFETY.

Killing Virus TM – VISIBLE PROTECTION from Taiwan


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Taiwan Cloud Environmental Technology Co., Ltd


HeadOffice:2F, No. 128, 1st sec. Freedom Road, Taichung403, Taiwan.

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