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1 月 4, 2021World News

A local outbreak of COVID-19 (Wuhan pneumonia) broke out in Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China in the middle of last month and has not stopped so far. Dalian officials today notified the preliminary results of the tracing of the epidemic, and pointed out that one of them was a super spreader who had infected 33 people as of the 2nd.

According to the WeChat public account “Dalian Release”, the Dalian Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control this afternoon to report the preliminary results of the epidemic investigation.

Zhao Lian, deputy director of the Dalian Municipal Health Commission, pointed out that after Dalian notified 4 new local asymptomatic infections on the 15th last month, as of midnight on the 2nd, 78 people had been infected in this wave of local epidemics, of which 48 were confirmed. There were 30 cases of symptomatic infection.

She said that the source of the epidemic in Dalian was initially determined. Five dockers carried the virus-positive bulk cargo on the Russian freighter, which caused the infection, which then spread to the Jinrun Garden District and Jinzuo Commercial Building.

Zhao Lian also said that among the cases related to the Jinzuo Commercial Building, a case surnamed Jin participated in a family gathering of 11 people when he did not become ill, causing all the other 10 people to be infected. After epidemiological investigation, it was found that the Jin-surnamed case was the owner of the Jinzuo commercial building, and the onset time was December 15th, which was the earliest person in the family. Therefore, it was determined that the Jin-surnamed case was the source of infection of his family, and the source of infection was Jinzuo Commercial Building.

She pointed out that as of midnight on the 2nd, there were a total of 33 confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections related to Jin-surnamed cases, including 21 confirmed cases and 12 asymptomatic infections. In addition, five of its related cases went to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University successively, causing another three people to become infected.

Officials say that as of now, there are still three confirmed cases in Dalian that are still under investigation.


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