Not only the first, but also the only!

The non-synthesis air filter

has passed ISO 18184 standard certification

(sterilization, virus killing)

【Limited】The non-synthesis air filter

Not only antibacterial but also antiviral

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Why the “KILLING VIRUS” filter is more expensive than the commercially available filter?


The non-synthesis air filter

has passed multiple SGS antibacterial certifications

ISO 18184

Passed multiple international verifications



The non-synthesis air filter

Taiwan patent certificate

【Limited】The non-synthesis air filter

  • With long-lasting properties, it also has antiviral and antibacterial functions in a dark environment
  • Mask material, more efficient
  • The clean air has no dead ends. It is equipped with an anti-virus filter, and the air purifier swings the air to let the purified air flow in the space again, effectively eliminating invisible allergens in the air
  • Easy to stick; easy to cut and easy to stick, one extra piece to upgrade the original home air circulation equipment (air conditioner/cleaner/dehumidifier) and clean function
  • No power consumption: both filter power and air permeability, low air resistance, almost no additional burden on the air-conditioning compressor

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has been dedicated in high tech nano synthesis coating applicable product development,

with its head office located in Taichung, which is in central part of Taiwan.

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